Hello there :)
-- Myla Maxilyn T Bayron --

20 years of age . taking up BS.COMPUTER ENGiNEERiNG . philippines
and i m proud to be a FiLiPiNA :))
nothing's special on me but
iLOVEPEOPLE haha ! I can't spent all day without laughing out loud .. 101% FRiENDLY !

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Happy First :D :) :* <3 ...

Its been a Year Babyu <3 Happy 12Months or Should I say Happy 1st Anniversary :D :) <3 Iloveyou :*

#Bimbi #Lovesyou #YourBoyfriend #MMendoza #MharnellMendoza

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Alam mo yang ugali mo, walang pinagkaiba sa sulat ng doktor. KUNG HINDI PANGET, HINDI MAINTINDIHAN. ... 0 notes♥ | →Reblog this post
Goodmorning :) #walanghilamos #walapangtutbras #vainagad #filtersOn

Goodmorning :) #walanghilamos #walapangtutbras #vainagad #filtersOn

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Makipagkaibigan­ agad sa crush para madevelop bago matapos ang sem. Mabuti yung mauna kesa maunahan ng iba. LOL

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Happy 10Months Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :) :* ...


Happy 10Months Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :) :* 10months have passed sin the first time you said "I LOVE YOU TOO" LOL :D :) :* We’ve been through many thing in this Relationship. Lots of Choices to make. I was never be a PERFECT BOYFRIEND, but believe me, I’m doing my best to provide to you what I think would be best for our REALATIONSHIP. :* :* :* I’m SORRY for all the thins I may have said and done before =| I always say I LOVE YOU ({}) :* even we are in Struggle. "I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE MY LIFE WITH YOU WHEN THE RIGHT TIME COMES. There’s so many things I wanna say, so let me summarize it. I LOVE YOU BABY ENGINEER MYLA MAXILYN T. BAYRON, HAPPY 10Months :’> :) :*({}):*({})<3<3<3:D  MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA!! ({}) ({}) :* :* :) :) :D :D :> :> <3 <3 <3 :*


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Im so proud of myself xD lol #Engineer #Batch2014 #PICC #Graduation

Im so proud of myself xD lol #Engineer #Batch2014 #PICC #Graduation

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Meron at merong dadating na tukso. Pero depende pa rin sayo kung magpapatukso ka o hindi. Kahit lalaki o babae susubukan ka talaga. Wala namang relasyon na walang tukso. ... 0 notes♥ | →Reblog this post
No matter how much he tells you na hindi kayo dadating sa ganung point, Maniwala ka, at the back of his mind he’s already thinking of a ways to get you to say YES. ... 0 notes♥ | →Reblog this post
Kesa puro ka selos, Bakit hindi mo na lang maisip na nagstay sayo yung tao kasi ikaw pa din ang pinipili niya despite all the temptations? ... 0 notes♥ | →Reblog this post
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